49 Heart Farming

It's important to buy a stanjo for your banjo. This and other valuable life lessons provided by Joel and Shane in another entertaining episode of ABOG Podcast.

Ice Breaker- What's the last movie that you saw?

Side A: Music (0:05:45)

News- Antemasque's album due out in October, September 23rd is David Bowie Day in Chicago, Bowie's personal archive exhibit, Malcolm Young retires but AC/DC continues on, U2 and Apple working on a new digital music service, Fugazi's First Demo, Qello concert streaming service on the PlayStation

Listening To- Chris Cresswell One Week Records, Queen Live at the Rainbow '74, Black Diamond Heavies A Touch of Someone Else's Class, Death From Above 1979 The Physical World, Royal Blood, Ryan Adams, Fugazi In On The Killtaker, new/old Pioneer SX-636 receiver and EPI speakers, Deadmau5 White(1<2)

All music played with permission:

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Side B: Video Games (1:11:30)

Video Games- NHL 15 (PS4), Surgeon Simulator (PS4), Madden 15 (PS4) Grid Autosport (PS3), FIFA 15 (PS4), Minecraft (PS4)

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