ABOG Vault

If you're a regular listener to the podcast you may have heard us mention the ABOG vault posts. Figured I'd write and explain what they are in case you're not following @ABandofGamers on Instagram and Twitter.

We're long-time gamers and music fans and as such have amassed quite the catalog over the years. The purpose of the ABOG vault posts is to share some of our favorite and rare items from our personal collections.

For example, check out this amazing collectible Shane scored with the new Blink-182 album:

And Shane's copy of the Enjoy the Ride Records release A Tribute To The Ramone's:

You can probably already see a focus on rare record variants. We get pretty excited by those in our collection (especially Shane), but the ABOG vault also includes CD's, cassettes, video games and memorabilia. Like Shane's two copies of Burnout Paradise:

To follow along and see all of the ABOG vault posts search the hashtag #ABOGvault on Instagram and Twitter. Also follow @ABandofGamers to see when more might pop up.

What vault worthy gaming or music related treasures are in your collection?



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