Active Soccer 2 DX Coming To PS4 & Vita

Yearn for the old days? When soccer video games were top-down and you couldn't see the players' faces or make out numbers on their jerseys. When sports video games were more about the fun than creating a life-like simulation.

The Fox Software is here to help. Gianluca Troiano, solo developer, grew up with 80's and 90's classic soccer games and for years has devoted his time to recreating and even improving upon the fun from those classics. 

Already available on mobile platforms and XBOX One, Active Soccer 2 DX is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this Fall 2016. The new PlayStation versions will include an ambitious career mode with over 850 club and national teams and 22,000 players from around the world.

You can even take control of a team with the goal of being promoted to a higher division. I think Karl, ABOG Podcast Co-host, will enjoy an opportunity to manage his Aston Villa team back up to the Barclays Premier League. Doesn't look like it will be happening any other way anytime soon.

Fortunately there's plenty more to do in Active Soccer 2 DX than help Aston Villa get back to where they belong.

Main Features:

  • Huge career mode- 850 teams from all over the world & 22,000 players
  • Online multiplayer (PS4 only)
  • Up to 4 player local multiplayer (PS4 only)
  • Classic teams including legendary players
  • Individual player skills
  • Team editor
  • Varied weather conditions
  • Different camera views including vertical, horizontal and a diagonal view

Check out a trailer for the game below.

Joel Sherfinski

Brookfield, WI 53005

Founder, Co-host & Producer