Aragami Out Today

Karl had an opportunity to demo Aragami at EGX 2016 a couple weeks ago and came away thoroughly impressed. He compared it to the classic 1998 PlayStation title Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and, based on the difficulty, to the Souls series.

Aragami is a "3rd Person Stealth em-up" wherein you play as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. The darkness therein is your ally and provides your character with super powers called Shadow Powers. 

Barcelona based developer, Lince Works, seems to not only draw inspiration from the Tenchu series but also from more modern games like Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored. The game has a punishing level of difficulty and being spotted usually equates to a quick death. Therefore players must carefully plan their approach as they try and sneak past each enemy. Fortunately the Shadow Powers offer some invaluable tools to help aid in your quest.

The game is available today both digitally and in retail for PC and PlayStation 4. Check out a few screenshots below, and listen to Episode 126 which includes Karl's impressions of the game from the EGX show floor (24 minutes into the episode if you'd like to forward directly to it).

Joel Sherfinski

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