Beats of Fury

Bubble Head Games launched their Beats of Fury to Steam Greenlight this week. Hoping to get enough votes to launch on Steam hereafter, the game has already grabbed our attention. It's a cross between a bullet hell shmup and a rhythm game and although that is a strange combination, you'll see from the gameplay trailer below that it looks like a brilliant idea.

Beats of Fury - Gameplay Footage - First Level Vote on Steam Greenlight Now!

Musically the game cover two genres; electronic and rock including several sub-genres. Features 13 tracks across 13 levels and a story mode starring two aptly named brothers Electronic and Rock. An endless mode is available after beating the story mode.

Beats of Fury is playable with mouse & keyboard, keyboard only or XBOX controller. It won Best Audio Game at Casual Connect Europe 2016 and the Audience Choice Award at Run Double Jump 2016. 

Head over to their Steam Greenlight page and check it out. Give it a vote if you like it so we can all enjoy it on Steam later on.

Joel Sherfinski

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