Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare

I'm a huge fan of the Evil Dead franchise. Used to buy Fangoria magazines just so I could get more of it. That was back when their were only two movies available; Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. The series has seen a rebirth with a movie reboot and even more recent Ash Vs. Evil Dead television show. Took me too long but I just picked up Ash Vs. Evil Dead on Blu-ray and I'm sure glad I did. Great seeing Ash back fighting the deadites (something I was beginning to think would never happen again). 

Well, forget about Ash for a sec. The Evil Dead movie reboot didn't include Bruce Campbell in that leading role but instead put some new faces in the iconic cabin deep in the woods. And that's where Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare takes over. It's based on the movie reboot from 2013.

Described as a "first person runner" from the screen shots it looks like it might be fun. Any chance to shoot or dismember some deadites is all good with me. There have been a sleuth of attempts over the years to make a good Evil Dead video game with none ever hitting the mark.

Actually, the only decent Evil Dead game I can recall is also on mobile devices (iOS, Android). It's a tower defense game called Army of Darkness: Defense.

Army of Darkness: Defense (Mobile Platforms)

Army of Darkness: Defense (Mobile Platforms)

Put many hours into Army of Darkness: Defense but still craving a good first or third person Evil Dead experience. Going to give this new game, Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare, a try with the same high hopes I have for all Evil Dead themed video games.

It's a free game with in-app purchases which normally I try and stick away form but it's Evil Dead so... Check out some screen shots and more details below.

App Store Link: http://apple.co/2dP48QQ

- Spine chilling, 1st person POV, puts players at the centre of the Evil Dead universe
- Record times, distances and Deadite-killing achievements to beat your friends
- Cause carnage with an array of murderous weapons including the boxcutter, chainsaw and shotgun.
- Run deeper into the woods to unlock new missions straight out of the Book Of The Dead
- Realistic 3D graphics and camerawork recreate the look and feel of the movie set

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