MGC Music 2017

A Band of Gamers is back for our third year at Midwest Gaming Classic hosting the MGC Music Stage. When we added live music to Midwest Gaming Classic in 2015, we wanted to include some of best local bands played on our podcast. Fortunately we were able to accomplish that with bands like Sugar Stems, Evacuate the Earth, The Bang Bang and Atomic Spins to name just a few.

We learned a lot along the way, and excuse me because this is probably quite obvious looking back now, but the video game inspired bands really grabbed the attention of the crowd.

Therefore this year we've put a greater emphasis on video game music. Thankfully there are some amazing and talented video game cover bands in the Milwaukee area. Surprising how many actually. We're also still including a couple of the best non-video game bands played previously on the podcast. Couldn't be more proud of the gig we put together for this upcoming Midwest Gaming Classic and it may just be our best year yet.

Introducing the MGC Music Lineup for 2017:

Specific Set Times:

Saturday April 8th
10:30AM Awkward Terrible
12:00PM Secret Gaijin
2:00PM The Zelda Routine
4:00PM Tigernite

Sunday April 9th
11:00AM Mechanical Life Vein
12:00PM Team RadCatz
1:00PM The Bang Bang
3:00PM Mouse Corn

The Midwest Gaming Classic is a trade show featuring 65,000+ square feet of retro and modern home video game consoles, pinball machines, arcade video games, computers, table top gaming, crane games, collectible card games and much more.

The Midwest Gaming Classic is about celebrating gaming, trying new things, learning about the gaming hobby, about meeting others who share the love of gaming, and having fun doing it.

Advance tickets are available now.

Joel Sherfinski

Brookfield, WI 53005

Founder, Co-host & Producer