Review: Tilt to Live


Tilt to Live is one of my all-time favorite games on the iPhone. Developed by One Man Left Studios, it's a must own on iPhone and iPod Touch for the very low price of $2.99 US. There is also a free version (Tilt to Live Lite) and an iPad version (Tilt to Live HD). My review will be specific to the iPhone/Ipod Touch version.

Sort of spilled the beans in my first paragraph but folks who know me, or have listened to me on podcasts over the past few years, will probably already know about my affinity for this game so I figured no need to keep you in suspense.

Tilt to Live strikes a unique balance between shmup and tilt controls. There are no buttons to press while playing Tilt to Live and controlling the hero requires only the tilting of your device to move.

The object across most game modes is quite simple; avoid and/or destroy the red dots. Most of the time you end up maneuvering around the screen trying to stay clear of the growing population of red dots that chase you around. Orbs/weapons aid you in your battle and they appear on screen throughout the game. Simply run your ship into each in order to gain that specific ability for immediate use. Orbs come in different colors/designs and each has it's own associated weapon. Collecting a blue orb, for example, freezes a small radius of red dots around your ship which you can immediately run through and destroy thereafter. Enemy dots remain frozen for only a few seconds however.

blue orb.PNG

Playing the game is a ton of fun especially if you're into score chasing. Most games are finished in just a few short minutes and restarting is a quick touch to the screen after the current match ends. The fast and frantic action is very reminiscent of shmup gameplay even though you're not shooting anything. Hard to explain and at a minimum you should demo the Lite version to see what I mean.

The tilt controls feel very responsive with slight tilts being perfect for finite movements and bigger tilts are great for quick escapes. After a few playthroughs you really begin to grasp the controls and steering becomes almost as easy as holding an analog controller.

I mentioned score chasing earlier so obviously there's a leader board component. The game is also incorporated with Game Center so all of your friend's scores are immediately accessible. Or you can boast by posting your best score to Twitter or Facebook- got to love the social media aspect of score chasing.

As you can see from this screen shot below, my wife can simply boast her scores from the other side of the couch. I'd like to note that with each upgrade (and One Man Left Studios has been very supportive) the high scores are usually wiped. In other words I used to be on top that list. ;)

06132012 011.PNG

There are quite a few game modes and lots to be had in this quirky little title. I highly recommend Tilt to Live. Very highly!!

Time for me to regain all those high scores...

Joel Sherfinski

Brookfield, WI 53005

Founder, Co-host & Producer